Designing a site is art; launching it is excitement and responsibility; making it successful is a must. That's briefly my approach to delivering web services that I've been sticking to since I stepped into this thrilling field. I do my best to 'hard-code' general appeal, intuitiveness and optimal well-balanced structure into every website I create. This ensures that visitors want to stay there and explore the information, which translates to a thriving business, better rankings and a continuously growing user base.

One of my principles here is to sustain constant feedback with the website owner at each stage and thus make sure every color hue, each menu item, the text layout and graphics fully correspond to the client's vision and needs. At Toms-PC, everything's up for discussion and I'm always open to suggestions, because what a customer wants is my #1 priority.

The range of web services I deliver includes the following:

  • Website design: This phase starts with an in-depth discussion of the requirements for the to-be site, including its purpose, targeted audience, competitor analysis, as well as such significant technicalities as a preferred color scheme, site architecture, built-in components such as widgets, etc. As we move along, a base mockup is created and then further refined to fully satisfy the client.
  • Domains: We commence by working together on picking a suitable domain name for the site based on your personal perspective, the overall customer sentiment and trends within the targeted market, and considering the search engine visibility aspect. This stage also involves all the technicalities with regard to domain management and configuration.
  • Hosting: Once the site is designed and ready for launch, the next step is choosing a reputable web hosting service provider. I can advise you on your options here based on my prior experience to make sure the hosting is troubleproof and there's no chance for server downtimes, other malfunctions or misunderstandings. Setting up fully functional email services and guaranteeing 24/7 support are inalienable constituents of this phase.
  • SEO: Attracting visitors to your site becomes a key objective once it's put on the Internet. I have sufficient expertise to help you grow your user base by increasing online presence and improving search engine rankings. By making use of the latest online marketing techniques, I will help you arrive at your business goals within a reasonable time span.

With Toms-PC web services, you can enjoy the benefits of turnkey site creation to the fullest. You explain your vision - and I do the rest of the job to make it tangible by designing an eye-catching and professional-looking website that will be 'doomed to succeed'.

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