I'm Tom Kirchberg, the person who runs Tom's PC and is truly into computers. What led me to the world of IT is my entire life story, which I'd like to now share with you.

As a kid I was overwhelmingly curious about the new technologies that were gradually getting ubiquitous, and couldn't resist the temptation to try and figure out what made them work the way they did. I was one of the first in the neighborhood to get to use a desktop computer. It was a good ol' - now almost legendary - Packard Bell 286, which was Dad's gift for my 9th birthday. Apart from playing games, I would scrupulously examine the rest of the machine's functionalities, including the software side of things and even some 'screwdriver' experience. Pretty sure this was my first big springboard into the life with computers and the Internet always by my side.

After high school I went to the University of Texas at Austin, studying IT and computing services over the course of 4 years. Having graduated in 2005, I joined CISCO team in Austin where I worked as a Network Engineer. This job gave me a great deal of skill and profound understanding of how computer systems work and interact, how network architecture robustness is attained, and more importantly - what computer security is all about from an expert perspective. This invaluable experience and the knowledge obtained both at my Alma Mater and at CISCO inspired confidence in me about my own prospect as a computer tech who has the guts to take care of hardware problems and software failures, address spyware infestation scenarios, and provide quality wide-range web services to clients.

Long story short, I moved back to my hometown, Houston, in 2009 to invest all the endeavors and skill in my first major start-up. Not sure if it's pure luck or enormously strong desire (or both), but I have since succeeded in what had been anticipated, which makes me doubtless about the choice I once made.

So here I am now, running a privately-owned online workshop and my cherished brainchild - Tom's PC project. I've been having a continuous influx of customers and doing my very best to make sure their needs are met, issues revolved, and goals achieved. Even though the job occupies most of my time, I engage in sports and active leisure. Baseball, hiking, and of course the famous Texas rodeos are but a few of my interests.

Last but not least, I love what I'm doing, which is the key prerequisite to success. Shoot me a message and we'll work together on resolving your computer issue. Cheers!

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