With Toms PC, getting a full scope of computer services is a matter of you requesting - and me doing the job on time and with the quality I guarantee. Any home and business users seeking help are most welcome to go ahead and discuss the optimal solutions for their specific issues with me. Responsiveness, punctuality, eagerness to help and professionalism are the things you can doubtless count on as long as I'm your tech guy.

Here is a detailed breakdown of services I've got to offer my clients:

  • PC troubleshooting and repair: PC getting slow, freezing, crashing, not booting, or software failing to respond are some of the prevalent reasons why people apply for professional support. I've got the tools and expertise to determine the cause of hardware / software malfunction and take care of these sort of problems.
  • Virus cleanup: The scope of damage emanating from malicious software is not to be underestimated. It may range from annoying activity, like browser redirects or random pop-ups, but might ultimately result in rendering your machine inoperable or even compromising your identity. Whatever the complexity of your case - be it a hijacker, rogue antivirus or spyware - I'm there to help cope with the infection for good.
  • Data recovery: In the event you lost some critical files stored on your hard drive - either due to a hardware failure, bad virus infection or because of unintended deletion - chances are I can help you out there. I've got the skills and special targeted tools at hand that are capable of retrieving such data. Be advised the procedure might not be 100% effective at all times, but it never hurts to give it a shot when it comes to retrieval of important information.
  • Internet: Although pretty simple at first sight, getting connected to the Internet might turn out to be a fairly complex procedure, in particular with businesses that have a network of machines. Likewise, home users might encounter difficulties, especially when it comes to configuring Wi-Fi routers and suchlike activities. I can help you address all of these issues: advise on ISPs, set up and configure the connection, keeping your individual needs, preferences and the security component in mind.
  • Hardware upgrade: With the stunning rate of hardware market advancement, keeping up with the trends might be a hard nut to crack. I can make things easier for you on this one so you needn't delve into the technical nuances of microchip properties and the like. You tell me what you'd like improved (e.g. overall system performance, memory storage, gaming and graphics, etc.), I recommend and perform the appropriate upgrade - and you're good to go.
  • New computer systems: Based on my experience, different people have different demands in terms of system capabilities, hence the hardware parameters and software 'stuffing' of their PCs. I tend to always take customer preferences seriously when it comes to building a new system that will suit them best. I provide full configuration service, including driver setup and application installs, for smooth and pleasurable usage experience.

For some of the above services I can provide assistance remotely, i.e. without you having to bring your computer or laptop over. To discuss all the options and the complete 'modus operandi' for addressing your case, be sure to shoot me a message.

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